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Information sheet

To complete Year 10 equivalent at TAFE NSW

Information for students registered for home schooling wanting to apply to undertake the equivalent of Year 10 of secondary education at TAFE NSW under 21B(5)(b) of the Education Act 1990.

This information sheet is a summary of the relevant section of the Guidelines for Equivalent and Alternative Courses of Study. For full details please refer to Section 2 of the Guidelines.

Student eligibility requirements

  • these instructions are only for students currently registered for home schooling
  • the student must have completed Year 9 of secondary education
  • the student must be at least 15 years of age
  • written evidence of the appropriateness of this pathway needs to be provided by the student (Part A of application)
  • written evidence of how the student meets the criteria for this pathway needs to be provided by the parent/caregiver (Part B of application)
  • written approval from a NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Authorised Person acting in lieu of a school principal will be required
  • final written approval from the TAFE Director or his/her nominee will be required.

What you need before you start

The steps you should follow

Step 1

Contact the TAFE you wish to enrol in to discuss the available Certificate II courses for the Year 10 Equivalent pathway.

You will need to contact TAFE directly to discuss course availability.

For general advice contact NESA via or 02 9367 8149.

Step 2

Complete the TAFE application form titled Approval to undertake the equivalent of Year 10 of secondary education at TAFE NSW (PDF, 8 pages, 1MB) as follows:

  1. Application front page (please note that you do not complete the ‘School Principal’ or ‘Institute Director’ sections)
    • Student name
    • Date of birth
    • Current school year level.
  2. ‘Section A: Student section’ to be completed (handwritten) by the student, and parent/caregiver to sign the permission block
    • Student career goals
    • Student strengths/challenges
    • Reasons for wanting to complete the TAFE course.
  3. ‘Section B: School section’ to be completed by the parent/caregiver who takes on the role of the school Please note that step 7 requiring school reports may be disregarded
    • Name of vocational Certificate II TAFE course
    • Name of TAFE institution
    • TAFE contact person details
    • Evidence of student’s ability to function in an adult learning environment
    • Evidence of student’s suitability to the particular TAFE course being suggested
    • Evidence of student’s core language, literacy and numeracy skills
    • Other evidence supporting the student’s application.

Step 3

Parent/caregiver to forward application form to NESA's Home Schooling Unit (Section C will be completed by TAFE):

Home Schooling Unit
NSW Education Standards Authority
GPO Box 5300
Sydney 2001

Step 4

NESA Authorised Person to contact parent/caregiver to discuss application.

Information needed: Front cover and Sections A and B of application.

Step 5

If approved, NESA Authorised Person will sign in lieu of a school principal and forward completed application form to TAFE.

Information needed:

  • Completed application form (except for ‘Section C: TAFE NSW section’)
  • Front page signed by NESA Authorised Person.

Contact: NESA Authorised Person.

Step 6

TAFE Director or his/her nominee makes final decision on application and notifies the Authorised Person of the outcome.

Information needed: ‘Section C: TAFE NSW section’ of application form.

Step 7

TAFE will inform parent/caregiver of the final decision on the application.

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