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Japanese K–10 Syllabus (2017)

The new Japanese K–10 Syllabus can be implemented in K–6 from 2019, Year 7 and Year 9 elective from 2019, and in Year 8 and Year 10 elective from 2020.

The new Japanese K–10 Syllabus is now available for familiarisation and planning throughout 2017–2018 prior to its introduction from 2019. Schools and teachers should be aware of the implementation timetable, which details when the syllabus is to be introduced.

Read the K–6 Guide (PDF, 4 pages, 303KB), Years 7–10 Guide (PDF, 5 pages, 322KB) and Parent Guide (PDF, 3 pages, 53KB) for the new K–10 syllabus.

The Japanese K–10 Draft Syllabus Consultation Report (PDF, 32 pages, 496KB) and new Languages K–10 Framework were developed using NESA's consultative syllabus development process.

Download the new syllabus and framework

Japanese K–10 Syllabus (2017)   (PDF, 143 pages, 2.09MB)   (Word, 143pages, 1.19MB)
Languages K–10 Framework        (PDF, 95 pages, 1.51MB)     (Word, 95 pages, 1.01MB)


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