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Students may need support as they acquire skills, strategies and processes of writing for a variety of reasons.

Early intervention is essential, as there is a strong correlation between early difficulties in writing and later difficulties. Students need to be provided with structured opportunities to acquire relevant writing skills, such as spelling and handwriting, as well as effective writing processes, such as sentence and text structure.

The English K–6 Writing support materials explore:

The materials guide teachers through the relevant aspects of writing, how to assess these aspects, including downloadable checklists and forms, and effective strategies to address difficulties, providing models and examples.


Difficulties students may experience

Difficulties students may experience

  • Spelling, handwriting and punctuation skills
  • Knowledge of sentence and text structure
  • Writing processes


Gathering evidence of learning

Gathering evidence of learning

  • What aspects of literacy are necessary as students learn to write?
    • Phonemic awareness
    • Letter–sound relationships
    • Word parts and whole words
    • Spelling fluency
    • Handwriting
    • Sentence structure
    • Vocabulary
    • Knowledge of text types
  • What knowledge, skills and strategies may need further investigation?
  • What assessment strategies can I use to investigate particular aspects of writing?


Procedures and strategies

Procedures and strategies

  • What procedures and strategies are most effective for students who are experiencing difficulties?
    • Spelling
    • Handwriting
    • Sentence writing
    • Writing processes (including drafting, revising, editing and publishing)
    • Writing Strategies (general and specific to a text type)


Thought - How can students be supported in the acquisition of writing skills

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