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Australia: You're Standing in it


  • A Visit to... series: Australia - Heinemann Library, 1999
  • Australia Files series: Champion Children Disasters, Heroes, Inventions, Landmarks, Mysteries, Villians. Those Who Dared - Heinemann Library, 1998
  • Australia: The Land and It's People series: NSW, ACT, Q'land, Vic, Tas, WA, SA. NT - Macmillan, 1998
  • Australian Primary Industries series: Sheep and Wool; Cattle and other Livestock; Grains, Oilseeds and Cotton; Fruit, Sugar and Honey; Vegetables, Flowers and Herbs, Fishing and Aquiculture; Mining and Quarrying; Forestry and Wood Products - Macmillan
  • Architects Adopt A School Program - For details contact NSW branch of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects, or visit with an architect in your area.
  • Postcards from.... series: Australia - Heinemann Library, 1998
  • Focus on Australia series: Ancient Australia, Cities and Towns; Gold; Government; Houses; Watching the Skies - Macmillan, 1998 (texts specifically aimed at Stage 2 students)
  • Using Land - How People Change the Structures of Land - (Big Book) Science Place, Scholastic, 1995
  • Your House - Built Environment Education (BEE) Kit, Royal Australian Institute of Architects
  • Australia's Worst Disasters series: Air Disasters, Cyclones and Storms, Disasters At Sea, Droughts, Fire, Flood, Mining Disasters, Rail Disasters - Barwick, J. and J., Heinemann Library, 1998/9
  • A-Z of Australian Sport Stars series: Books 1,2,3,4,5,6 - Brasch N., Heinemann Library, 1998
  • Growing Up at Uluru - Breedon, S., Steve Parish Publishing, 1995
  • Exploring Australia series: The Inland Deserts, Mapping the Coastline, The North, The South-east, The Visitors, The West, M., - Macmillan, 1993
  • Australian States series: ACT New South Wales, Queensland, etc. - Gott, R., Heinemann Library, 1997
  • Australia: You're Standing in It (Australian States series): Stages 3 and 4 - Gott, R., Rigby Heinemann, 1997 (includes Australian places, information and map, Australian Geographic place names)
  • Student Magazine Cityscapes - Hartley, S. (ed), Scholastic, 1997
  • Australian Habitats series: Deserts, Rainforests, Wetlands, Grasslands, Temperate Forests, Coastal Regions - Hawke, K. and Roe, M., Macmillan, 1998
  • Australia Library series: Famous Australians - Hendry, L., Heinemann Library, 1997
  • Capital Cities of Australia (series) - Herran, J. and Thomas, R., Macmillan, 1997
  • Life in (series): Life in the Antarctic, Life in the Desert, Life in the Rainforest, Life on the Coral Reef - Howes, C., Macmillan, 1993
  • Looking at Maps - Kelly, A., Scholastic, 1996
  • Australians at Work series: Park Rangers - Loves, J., Macmillan, 1998
  • Legends of Fraser Island - Miller, O., Rigby English, Rigby Heinemann, 1996 (In the Past unit)
  • The Australian Desert - Morrison, R., Jacaranda, 1992
  • Australia: An Ancient Land - Ollier, C., Bookshelf, 1997
  • Amazing Facts about Australia's Heritage - Parish S., Steve Parish Publishing, 1997
  • Australia the Gift, Discover Australia, Photographing Australia - Parish, S., Steve Parish Publishing, 1997
  • Macmillan Australia Global Atlas - Parker, B., Macmillan, 1997 (lower secondary resource)
  • My visit to a sheep farm at Albury - Taylor, M., Victoria department of School Education, 1998
  • William Wombat Visits Parliament House - Taylor, M., National Capital Printing House, 1998
  • Australian Seasons - Thomas, R., Macmillan, 1997
  • All about NSW - Womersley, J., Macmillan, 1995
  • Australia - (Focus on Australia series and Macmillan Highlights series) Womersley, J., Macmillan, 1998
  • The Shape of the Land - Woolley, M., Macmillan, 1998 (Focus on Australia series)
  • The Natural Shapes of Australia - Woolley, M., Macmillan, 1998 (Macmillan Highlights series)
  • Philip's Environment Atlas - Wright, D., Macmillan, 1998
  • Philip's Children's Atlas - Wright, D. and J., Macmillan, 1998

Video, CD-ROM and Web

  • I Spy Australia 2000 - New Horizons, 1999/2000
  • Once upon Australia and River Red - ABC Education (video)
  • Peach's Australia - Maxwell's Collection (3 videos)
  • Rewind: Environment - Fighting Nature - Film Australia National Interest Program, Film Australia, 1997 (5 minute video)
  • Rewind: Environment - Sea Around Us - Film Australia National Interest Program, Film Australia, 1997 (5 minute video)
  • Australia: The Multimedia Experience - Webster (CD-ROM)
  • Australia Unfolded: Interactive Atlas of Australia - AUSLIG (CD-ROM)
  • Australian - State of the Environment - CSIRO, 1996 (CD-ROM)
  • The Bush Tucker Man - ABC and Natural Learning, 1996 (CD-ROM)
  • Classic Wild Walks of Australia - Rankin Publishers (CD-ROM)
  • Encyclopedia of Aboriginal Australia - (CD-ROM for Windows)
  • Explore Australia - Penguin Books Australia Ltd, Version 2 1998 (CD-ROM)
  • Journey Australia - Journey (Australia) Pty Ltd 1996 (CD-ROM)
  • Macquarie Australian Atlas on CD-ROM - (1996) Macquarie Multi-media (CD-ROM)
  • Maps 'n' Facts - Broderbund (CD-ROM)
  • Natural Wonders of Australia - Mediasoft Australia Pty Ltd and Nucolorvue Productions Pty Ltd, 1995 (CD-ROM)
  • World Discovery - Macintosh (CD-ROM)
  • World Walker: Destination Australia - Soleil Software (CD-ROM)
  • Australia's National Parks - Australian Tourism Net website contains a comprehensive guide to all the national parks in Australia, with history, highlights and locations.
  • Guide to Australia - Charles Sturt University website containing information about travel, culture and entertainment, education and more.

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