1. Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE)

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Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE)

K-6 HSIE Syllabus

New syllabus in 2016

In 2013 and 2014 schools will continue to use the NSW K–6 HSIE Syllabus

In 2016 schools will start teaching the new NSW History K–10 Syllabus which is available on the NSW Syllabuses for the Australian curriculum website. The new History K–10 Syllabus will replace the current Change and Continuity strand in the HSIE K–6 Syllabus. Schools have the option of starting to teach the new syllabus in 2015 if they choose.

The Board has developed a range of support materials, including an online programming tool called Program Builder, to assist primary teachers to implement the new NSW K–10 syllabuses.


K-6 HSIE Parents Guide
Introduces the HSIE syllabus to Parents and school community members.
K-6 HSIE Resources
Contains texts, websites and other resources relating to the K-6 HSIE Units of Work.
K-6 HSIE Background Sheets and Visual Texts
Contains visual texts, timelines and historical profiles.
K-6 HSIE Proformas
Contains sample proformas for programming, assessing and reporting.

Support Documents

K-6 HSIE Units of Work support documents
For Early Stage 1 - Stage 3.
K-6 HSIE Special Education (PDF)
Published June 2000
K-6 HSIE Principal's Package
Published February 1999
K-6 HSIE Units of Work
Early Stage 1
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Teaching Strategies and Practices
Published February 1999

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